by Eugenia Sakevych Dallas, published in Nova Ukraine in 1945, translated by Marko Carynnyk


Peaceful, hard working, happy, gregarious people,
With their golden fields of wheat
Blue skies, Ukraine my country,
Breadbasket of Europe.
Suddenly black clouds of terror
From the neighbor to the North.
Darkness blew over the green hills
The peaceful golden steps of Ukraine.

Bullets riddle my country,
They took my freedom, my land
And brutally turned us into a colony
Run by hostile ruthless outsiders

By Force they made us give them
All our food to the last morsel.
In return they gave us prisons in Siberia
And Genocide in Ukraine.

Countless Numbers of Children
With protruding frightened eyes,
outstretched little hands
Pleading for food, crying.
Some of us survived – Orphans Forever

The free world was silent!

Our Hopelessness, Bewilderment,
Gave way to panic.
We sunk deep into resignation,
Mental apathy, stupor, and despair

The Communist Terror, their sadism
Made us pay dearly with our lives.
Extermination by slow starvation
Was done quietly, so that no one in the world
Would hear or know about it.

We Must Pledge to Preserve,
Memories of Ukrainian Genocide
To ensure that the world,
Does not repeat the past.

We must not forget the pain
That was inflicted upon Ukraine.
We must remember our
Obligations and responsibilities
Toward our loved ones, who perished so unjustly
Today and Always, Their memories must be kept alive forever.

The Russian Revolution
Creation of world Communism in 1932
Let to a yet unknown Genocide
In Ukraine, a story that was never fully told.

Kiev, February 24, 2022

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