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The Author in Connemara, Ireland (photo by Jane Varley)

The Blog:

These simple, weekly reflections will vary from teaching college to being a father to being a son to being alone. They will cover various time zones and emotions, and they will be my small attempt to keep track of the passing of time. Blogs are posted no less than weekly, with a current individual readership of over 1000 people. I am in my 7th year and am approaching blog number 500.

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“Nature,” Bob Kunzinger, writes, “keeps me in the moment.” Standing on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and Rappahannock River, Kunzinger describes sights that lift the spirits and make hours and hearts glow. Like Robert Louis Stevenson who wandered the globe “for travel’s sake,” Kunzinger explains that “we all go looking for one thing and often find something else.” What readers discover are descriptions that delight and thoughts that surprise and awaken appreciation. His essays urge, almost impel, readers to kick the dust off their boots and minds. He makes them ache to be up and about and embracing our bruised but glorious world, to treasure it and its inhabitants anew.

—Sam Pickering author of The World Was My Garden, Too


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