from various national and international publications, a small selection of articles:

This Metaphoric Ride from Foreign Literary Journal

Fields Where Sunlight Streams from Adirondack Review

Attaya from Foreign Literary Journal

Exiles from Litterateur Magazine

This Thoreauvian Moment from the Covid-19 Collection at Valiant Scribe

Incomplete from Moving Force Journal

“Walled In” from Ilanot Review

Podcast: WXGM Interview with Neal Steele and Bob Kunzinger about Blessed Twilight

A conversation between writers Bob Kunzinger and Rick Campbell   Florida Review/Aquifer 

From This Green Hill–the View from Arlington  from the Washington Post

Nowhere to be Found  from Palooka Magazine

The Murder of Crows

White Out


Spilled Blood

Distance Learning: A Father and Son in Spain

Leningrad: A Survivor’s Story

That Which We Are

The Cup of Sorrow

Chasing Chekhov…Connotation Press

Michael Bobovich and the Hot Nights in Siberia

I knew Two Men

The Iron Scar


Flip Flops

The $5,000 Approach to Teaching Writing

Inoculation Card

In Visible

A Ghost Story

St Anthony Article

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