from various national and international publications, a small selection of articles:

Exiles and Dissidents from Nowhere Magazine

Time Piece from Susurrus Literary Journal

This Metaphoric Ride from Foreign Literary Journal

Fields Where Sunlight Streams from Adirondack Review

Attaya from Foreign Literary Journal

Exiles from Litterateur Magazine

This Thoreauvian Moment from the Covid-19 Collection at Valiant Scribe

Incomplete from Moving Force Journal

“Walled In” from Ilanot Review

Podcast: WXGM Interview with Neal Steele and Bob Kunzinger about Blessed Twilight

A conversation between writers Bob Kunzinger and Rick Campbell   Florida Review/Aquifer 

From This Green Hill–the View from Arlington  from the Washington Post

Nowhere to be Found  from Palooka Magazine

The Murder of Crows

White Out


Spilled Blood

Distance Learning: A Father and Son in Spain

Leningrad: A Survivor’s Story

That Which We Are

The Cup of Sorrow

Chasing Chekhov…Connotation Press

Michael Bobovich and the Hot Nights in Siberia

I knew Two Men

The Iron Scar


Flip Flops

The $5,000 Approach to Teaching Writing

Inoculation Card

In Visible

A Ghost Story

St Anthony Article

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