Special Edition

I want to take one moment to ask for help.

The Nature Writing Project, as I’ve mentioned before, has morphed into a larger and more widespread endeavor, with grants applied for, an IT guy retained to design and run the website, and already promises for video and audio clips have come in from Israel, Russia, Norway, Brazil, New Zealand, and more. Domestically, we are adding hundreds of two-to-three minute audio and video clips about nature from best-selling and award winning authors.

This will be the resource for faculty, organizations and anyone anywhere to find some of this ages greatest writers connecting with nature. Poets, non-fiction writers, and novelists all are involved to illuminate the connection between nature and humanity.

Can you help? The money donated will help curtail the costs of the technology and early promotion. Once it is up and running, the overhead will be very minute, but for now we can really use assistance.

Here is a link to more information and a way to make an anonymous donation (or public if you prefer, taking the role of “sponsor”).

Thank you very much:


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