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PLEASE READ, and Thank you very much.

The Nature Readings Project

The Nature Readings Project is a collection of video and audio clips of writers from around the world reading their work about nature. The ambition is for it to be the largest collection of nature writing as read by the author.

The Collection has just started and is available through the link above, but in the coming months it is moving to its own website with an index and categories for easy access. Already some of the best-selling authors in poetry and non-fiction have committed to sending a clip to add to the collection, and as the contributions build and the index expands, these readings will be available for students of English and writing, libraries, and organizations around the world (ie: The Nature Conservatory, the Arbor Day Foundation, etc, as well as hundreds of groups on social media).

Writers can send a three to four minute video of themselves reading work (watch a few to get an idea), via email attachment to It is best to simply use a cell phone and keep it raw and simple. The emphasis is on the writing, on the connection between our art form and nature. Sometime this Spring the Nature Readings will be accepting submissions via Submittable as well.

I am humbly seeking donations to help get this off the ground and eventually into wide circulation. Some of the expenses include the website, an IT person to do it properly, submittable expenses, promotional information for distribution, and more. Please help in any way that you can.

Sponsors will support the creation, spread, and permanent presentation of the arts. For those who wish, I’ll put your name on the Sponsor Page of the new page. or you can remain “Anonymous.”

To Donate specifically to The Nature Readings Project via Paypal , set up specifically for this cause, go to the following link:


OR you can simply send a check to me at:

Bob Kunzinger

PO Box 70

Deltaville, VA 23043

If you do so, I’ll let you know when it arrives and specifically what it is being used for. I have applied for several grants both small and large, and once this is off the ground it really won’t cost much. But this dream of mine is beginning to take hold and I would really like to see it through. It is a beautiful way to share the arts and the world around us, where they intersect, how they remain permanent.

Writing, for all of its banter, is how we record these times we live in as well as this world which tolerates us.

Again, thank you for your help, and watch for updates.