Obscure Christmas Songs

I’m crying here. The last three songs in particular will first grab you by the heart, then get you to laughing, then get you thinking. Please watch these. I promise–I really do–they are exactly what Christmas is about.

Honestly, if this season is about anything, it is about humanity; these lesser known scores bend that way.

Everyone plays the standards: Bing, Elvis, Bruce, Perry Como, Andy Williams, The Carpenters, and on and on, adding new classics each year.

But some songs simply get left behind in the wave of music that avalanches onto the airways each winter.

Allow me to present for your listening pleasure Bob’s Seven Obscure Christmas Songs. Feel free to share, forward, follow, sing along:

Do Listen. Warning: Number seven is technically not a Christmas song, but is perhaps more about the very truth of Christmas than any other song ever written. Truly.

Obscure Christmas Song #1

Jackson Browne: The Rebel Jesus

Obscure Christmas Song #2

Paul Simon: Getting Ready for Christmas Day

Obscure Christmas Song #3

John Denver: Christmas for Cowboys

Obscure Christmas Song #4

Bob Dylan: Christmas Island

Obscure Christmas Song #5

Trans Siberian Orchestra: Christmas Eve/Sarajevo

Obscure Christmas Song #6

The Piano Guys: Angels We Have Heard on High

Obscure Christmas Song #7

Ralph McTell: Streets of London

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