Books for Christmas–Number Three Desired Gift

$20 includes immediate shipping. Buy a copy of The Iron Scar, I’ll include Blessed Twilight: The Story of Vincent van Gogh

More Praise for The Iron Scar:

“What a joy the prose is. Rhythmic, driving– the sentences like a train through the wild expanse of the page.”

–Gerry LaFemina, author of The Pursuit: A Meditation on Happiness

“What a wonderful ride The Iron Scar is; I loved every mile of it!”

–George Drew, author of Just Like Oz and Drumming Armageddon

The Iron Scar shot to the top of my list of favorite books. Not only because I felt like I was onboard with the author and his photographer son as they rode this “oasis” across the wilds of Siberia, but because my father was onboard with me as well, and my sons, and all of my hesitant plans and second-guessed ambitions. Take this ride!”

— Shorefront News, Brooklyn

The Iron Scar: A Father and Son in Siberia is a vivid and often poetic exploration of the personal and the historical, from poignant to hilarious.”

–YAHOO! News, Literary Notes

–A beautiful book by one of the most gifted non-fiction writers working today

–Amazon Reviews

“I wish every book I’ve read over the past two months had been as moving, gripping, and loaded with fascinating information. The journey becomes an emotional and thematic whole that transcends the standard “look what I saw” travel book. So many things stick with me: the royal blue station shacks, the birches with no tops, the meat and potato pastries, the smell of onions, the vodka, the wheel tapping, the once-in-hundred-year flooding, the vast vacancies of human presence, the moving village of the train, the Leningrad hero, the Leningrad ghosts . . . Just so much. Well done!”

-Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried and Going After Cacciato

The Iron Scar brought me on a journey that unexpectedly and artfully had me thinking about my own father and my sons throughout the book, as well as introducing me to the wild, warm, and colorful world of Siberia. Thank you for bringing me onboard with you and your son.”

-Martin Sheen, actor and author of Along the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son

$20 includes immediate shipping.

Buy a copy of The Iron Scar for $20, and I’ll include Blessed Twilight: The Story of Vincent van Gogh for free.

Venmo: @robert-kunzinger


Order today.

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