On Contemplating Friends and Love in this Fragile Fragment of Time

In all of time coming and going, whatever’s next and long before now, before this millennium, before the Dark Ages, before Jesus, Christ, even before the measure of time, we share these years, now, you and I, this splinter of nanoseconds as we tumble through space in this brief awareness, together, share these histories, these stories, this pandemic, that eruption, the wars, the towers tumbling, the time we stayed up all night looking at stars, and the time we said good bye, that was us, we got caught on each other as the accident of “now,” the randomness of this moment, determined we should share this present, hooked, for just a little while anyway, then not, and billions of others and billions more were and are and will be, so you have to know that the odds remain incomprehensible that we’d collide, leave pieces of each other in the other’s pockets to carry as a reminder on some wayward journey through space, and then, gone, evaporated into that eternal foreverness of never again. Oh, how brief, how tragically beautiful yet sadistically brief is this whirlwind of now in which we find ourselves with each other until suddenly we no longer are, forever and even beyond that inconceivable distance of nothingness,


let us let go of everything but love, and now.

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