The Nature Readings Blog

At first I was going to just record myself reading a blog, and then I thought I’d record something specifically about nature.

Then I found some videos of Tim Seibles and me from the Jewish Mother sessions we did for several years in Virginia Beach, and I was going to publish them, but, no.

Then I realized how many people I know write about nature, and this page was born. Already since this was published a few hours ago, a list of writers to add to the page has grown. But understand, there is no ranking involved. I reached out to writers I knew well and the first bunch that answered my call and sent me a video I posted. That’s it. And many of them did so while trying to move classes online.

What started a few months ago as a passing thought has turned into this page, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I mean, how can anyone ever get tired of readings about nature.

Thank you for watching. Please if you so desire, like their readings when you watch them, and remember to go to the links of their work and read their bios. 

Here’s the link:

The Nature Readings

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