The Interview

A Demented Edition of A View:

Last March I wandered my way from Casey Key to Tampa to Tallahassee to Alligator Point, Florida, a small hook of a peninsula which drops down off the panhandle just west of the curvy part. That’s where one of my closest friends, publisher, cohort in all things writing-conferences, and master of the blues harmonica (no kidding, he’s amazing) Rick Campbell resides with his trusty dog Jasper.

The three of us hung out on his porch and this interview, more or less, emerged, even though the actual interview part of the interview transpired through emails several weeks later. 

The Florida Review and Aquifer published it to coincide with the release of our new books from Madville Press of Texas (Thanks Kim Davis!)

Writers, for the most part, do not like talking about writing, and that goes double for me. But Rick and I have such similar sentiments about the creative side of our world, it was fun to open up just a bit. 

The following is the result. Thanks for Reading: 

The Campbell/Kunzinger Interview

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