Peace Villanelle



Peace Villanelle 


Nobody talks about Peace anymore.

The world has been hostile for too many years.

They scream about conflict, speak boldly of war.


A senior in high school has known nothing more

then a planet long poised in panic and fear

Even the schools don’t teach Peace anymore.


Poets and artists all know what’s in store

But no one is listening, no one can hear

As news reports hatred and battles and war


Anxiety-ridden and stressed to the core

People hide terrified terror is near.

while Peace seems a fable, a story of yore.


And when with our families and those we adore

Does anyone bother to shed any tears

For a world bathed only in bloodshed and war?


Children among us know nothing more.

It’s all they’ve been taught since the day they were born.

No one remembers the Peace anymore.

A whole population raised solely in war.





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