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Penance: Walking with the Infant of Prague:

When a professor spends nine days in Prague, it isn’t getting lost that changes his journey, but what he discovers on his way, and the lessons he learns from the greatest of teachers. This tale from humanities professor and award-winning non-fiction writer Bob Kunzinger is a tale about each one of us and our individual journeys.

Recommended by “Inside the Vatican” magazine and praised by Catholic Exchange:

Penance: Walking with the Infant explores our own fears of devotion, our own attempts to balance faith with everyday interruptions. More than a few times throughout the text Bob Kunzinger shares his own shortcomings and doubts as well as the readers . The book entices us all to explore further our definitions of devotion, humility, sacrifice and faith. It is one of those rare books that takes one of the most famous and revered subjects in the world, the Infant Jesus of Prague, and provides a contemporary and accessible approach. –Catholic Exchange Book Review

Out of the Way: A Father and Son in Spain:

A father and son walking in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi exactly 800 years after the saint walked the Camino de Santiago–500 miles from Southern France to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. The story is about letting go and finding one’s own way, and the struggles we all face on our journeys.  (HARDBACK)


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