Did you know one of the best ways to support the arts is to order directly from the artist?

My new book, The Iron Scar, is doing well and is receiving excellent reviews from major outlets and writers, including Yahoo News! Tim O’Brien, Martin Sheen, Newsday, and more. If you order a copy for friends, family, for special occasions coming up, I can send it out immediately, and major outlets like Amazon won’t get the 55% of the money, which is their norm.

Included below are copies of other books I received from my publishers.

Order now for the holidays, including Blessed Twilight: The Story of Vincent van Gogh, most definitely a favorite of readers, and an excellent gift for any artist of any genre.

And as always when ordering books directly from me, I donate $5 of each copy to the local food bank.

Thank you for your support.

Information on ordering at this link:

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