Off the Chain, Origin Story

My new book comes out in November.

It is true, all of it. Some of the chronology is questionable, but the events are not, many of them documented in disturbing detail.

It’s framed like this: The professor (me) gets called into the president’s office in the fall of his second year of teaching when a parent complains about her son’s report about my use of idioms in the classroom, particularly toward him. When I arrive, the sweeping office on the James River is occupied by a half dozen vice-presidents. In an attempt to explain what happened in class that day, the story takes a ride through thirty years of anecdotes and nonsense, tragic loss and mind-bending encounters.

Excerpts of Off the Chain have appeared in more than a dozen publications, including the Chronicle of Higher Education and the journal, Psychology.

Off the Chain: One Outrageous Day in the Life of a Professor


VENMO @robert-kunzinger



(or mail a check to me at PO Box 70 Deltaville VA 23043 but alert me now so I know to reserve copies)

ONLY 100 copies in advance/numbered and inscribed. We take these orders now so the limited edition/numbering can be published in the first copies.

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November 30, 2022



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